Smiling With My Lunch in Hanoi, Vietnam

My name is Matthew Maggy.

This is my blog (although, I think the URL and site title might have given that away).

About the Blog

This isn’t some money making blog. It’s mostly just a place for me to write about my interests.

I don’t really care if anybody even reads this blog (but they should because it’s awesome).

You hear that, comment spammers! I won’t be purchasing your website promotion services, so don’t ask!

Posts will vary as much as my interests which include Politics, History, Pro-Wrestling, Productivity, American Football, Genealogy, Travel, and even some things from my personal life; oh, and probably a lot of puns and sarcastic/witty observations.

tour guys

Me with my Tour Sign

About Me:

I live in the Richmond, Virignia Metro Area.

I have a  hobby/business (Richmond Tour Guys) where I give a free historical walking tour of Richmond in exchange for tips. In 4 short months, we reached #1 on Trip Advisor. we’re still there as of this writing. The website also a blog on Richmond History, so be sure to check it out!

I also work in the office for a general contractor that specializes in Historical Restoration called Restoration Builders of Virginia. We do great work. If you live in Virginia, and have a historic property, you should use us. My job is to handle permits, writing contracts, answering phones, and a host of other Project Management support duties. I also manage our on-line presence via our blog.

I also make tour/scavenger hunts for the Stray Boots app, drive for Uber-X, and am a Freemason.

me kid

Pele I Was Not c. 1991

I am originally from Richmond, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Actually, I’m from El Sobrante,  CA which is next to Richmond, but it makes for nicer irony with my current location.

I use to rap, even making a (poorly) self-produced CD in high school. My name was Math Matikz.

I played High School Football for Salesian Highschool as an Offensive and Defensive Tackle.

I lived in San Francisco City proper for 3 years from 18-21 while I worked retail and attended school.

me grad

Graduation Photos in Style

After my parents passed away, I moved to Reno, NV in 2007. I worked a bit in the retail sales industry for Comp USA and finished school; graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a Minor in Economic Policy from University of Nevada – Reno becoming a part of the illustrious Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

After a few temporary positions at various non-profits and as a pizza delivery guy (usually at the same time), I took a position through Americorps VISTA working in, beautiful, rural  Amelia, VA for the Virginia Cooperative Extension Amelia Office. I did mostly grant-writing, volunteer recruitment for the Master Financial and Nutrition Programs, volunteer management, managed a newsletter, and got to know a wonderful community.


Riding an Ostrich in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Then I took off on my epic round-the-world trip for 8 months starting in soggy Scotland, making my way down to Granada, Spain where I worked as a historical tour and food tour guide, doing some bar promoting and light bar tending in beach-town Sihanoukhville, Cambodia, and ending up in the faux-socialist Republic of Vietnam where I rode an ostrich.

I realized in a beach town in Cambodia that I loved the girl I left behind in Richmond and came back home with new knowledge of the world and myself. This was the end of one my “Hero’s Journeys” And the beginning of a new one.


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